opioid treatment for loved ones

Is Your Loved One Dealing With Opioid Addiction?

Here Are the Signs and Symptoms Opioid addiction presents itself with physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, and recognizing these signs in your loved ones is vital in ensuring that they receive the proper diagnosis and treatment. Our nation’s opiate crises is reaching epidemic proportions with over 20.5 million people suffering form substance abuse disorders in the United…

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Joint Commission Accredited: Why It Matters

Addiction has been established by medical research as a chronic disease where the brain structure has been changed which causes an individual to engage in self-destructive behaviors. This means a person with a substance use disorder can no longer get over the addiction by herself/himself. A structured, comprehensive, long-term addiction treatment is required. This is…

cocaine addiction recovery

Cocaine Addiction: Detox and Rehab

Cocaine can be prepared synthetically, or made from derivatives of the coca plant. While it is sometimes used medically as a local anesthetic, it is an illegal substance that is highly addictive and often abused. Using cocaine can contribute to both short and long-term complications, including brain damage. Panic, paranoia, feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and…

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How Narcan Could Save Your Loved One’s Life

Please note: This article is for information and research only. It is not a medical directive or instructional article. Please refer to a medical professional for assistance with understanding and before you administer Narcan. What is Narcan? And When Is It Necessary? It’s an unfortunate reality that around 90 American citizens die from opioid overdoses…